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Conquering Advanced Email Attacks:
5 Ways to Protect Your Cloud Email

Five Ways to Protect Your Cloud Email cover

In this report, you will learn best practices to secure your cloud email environment by:

  • Protecting your brand with a multilayered cloud email security approach
  • Employing contextual data to provide customized user warnings
  • Using Machine Learning to your advantage
  • Leveraging DMARC and DKIM metadata
  • Utilizing DMARC to boost the effectiveness of SPF and DKIM

As more corporate email shifts to the cloud – especially on the Google Workspace and Microsoft 365® platforms – the stakes are only rising. Smart organizations recognize that protecting against spear phishing, malware and other advanced email threats is increasingly mission-critical.

That’s why more businesses are leveraging Machine Learning and AI, using the entire email envelope, including metadata, relationships and DMARC, to combat sophisticated BEC attacks.  As a result, organizations are better equipped to protect their users from email-based attacks and minimize the risk of a data breach.

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