[On-Demand Webinar]

How Cybercriminals Use Email to Deliver Ransomware:

3 Techniques and Mitigation Strategies


Seventy-one percent of cybersecurity pros are most concerned with email as the delivery channel for ransomware. With only 2 ways to bypass email security systems and trick users to deliver ransomware, an attachment, or a link, why hasn't this problem been solved?

There is no single layer of protection to stop all email-based attacks. Take the first step by understanding the techniques used by cybercriminals, so you can more effectively develop mitigation strategies that will detect and destroy these attacks.

Watch cybersecurity experts Matt Petrosky, Vice President of Product Management at GreatHorn, and Holger Schulze, founder of Cybersecurity Insiders, for this on-demand webinar to explore:

  • Techniques Used to Deliver Ransomware
  • Examples of Sophisticated Attacks and Why They Evade Detection
  • Mitigation Strategies for Ransomware Attacks in Email

View the recording and Download the slide deck.

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