[On-Demand Webinar]

Developing an Offensive and Defensive Email Security Strategy

Cybercriminals continue to wreak havoc on organizations around the globe as they focus on your weakest link – your end users. What if there was a way, without the noisy claims made by so many security vendors, to change the way you managed phishing attacks?

It all comes down to facts. By combining three powerful elements to email security, you can start improving your organization’s risk posture and help make cyberthreats to the inbox a relic of the past:

Join us for this live webinar to uncover how to:

  • Gain complete visibility to know “who” and “what” is sending emails on your domain
  • Empower users to understand today’s risks so they can identify threats more effectively
  • Understand and measure the risk of your users
  • Improve end user behavior by using social and relationship analytics to improve risk levels
  • Use factual data to balance users’ risk profiles with policy actions and enforcement

View the recording and Download the slide deck.

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