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Solving 4 Cloud Email Security Problems

Best Practices to Protect Against Impersonations, BEC, and Account Takeover Attacks

We all know Phishing is a problem. And, with 91% of all cyber attacks starting with this vector, we need to become better at mitigating the risks.  Unraveling the methods used by cybercriminals to execute phishing attacks, and evade detection, is important to understand.  Our goal is to help you identify the most common methods that impact your organization and your end users to improve your email security posture.

Join us for this live webinar to get a more thorough understanding of the 4 key cloud email security problems and how you can more effectively detect, report and respond, including:

  • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) for providing visibility and control over your email domain and outbound email.
  • Threat Detection to Prevent BEC and Account Takeover Attacks
  • Lookalike Domain Detection
  • Detection of Display Name Spoofs

Walk away from this webinar with real-world actions to improve your day-to-day effectiveness against phishing attacks.


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Our Speakers

eric chaves

Eric Chaves, Senior Solutions Engineer
Eric is an experienced Solutions Engineer with over 20 years in the cyber security and APM space. Eric has a deep passion and understanding of Security, Application Performance Management, Professional Services, Data Center, Management, and Software as a Service (SaaS). His approach to listening to organizational pain points and identifying the most effective solutions to minimize threats and improve remediation for cloud email security challenges provides great value to IT professionals on a daily basis.

Asher Morin

Asher Morin, Deployment Manager – Americas, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Asher Morin, dmarcian’s Deployment Manager in the Americas, is an experienced project manager with a successful history of guiding the development of domain security processes and helping to manage IT security technology with organizations large and small. His expertise and relationship-building has garnered plaudits from organizations across the globe as a recognized and approachable expert. An excellent presenter, Asher’s administration skills are well rounded with a focus in email security, specifically email authentication.