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Cyber-Attacks in the Wake of a Pandemic: Trends to Prepare for in 2021

Cyber-Attacks in the Wake of a Pandemic image

For the first time in the modern world, security professionals experienced an unprecedented dilemma. In an instant, security teams around the world were required to make difficult, and fast, decisions to support an entirely remote workforce. As 2020 comes to a close and we prepare for the new year, what trends are we seeing? 

Join Chris Steffen, Research Director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Matt Petrosky, VP of Customer Experience at GreatHorn, as they take a deep dive into the real challenges security professionals are facing, including:

  • Top threat vectors in an expanding attack surface
  • Cybercriminals’ evolving tactics in everyday communication channels and associate
  • Heightened risks from the convergence of personal and corporate devices
  • Addressing regulatory compliance and vendor due diligence in the age of the pandemic

View the recording and Download the slide deck.

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