The Security Ledger:
Stop Business Email Compromise Attacks with Full Lifecycle Email Security

Security-LedgerNot that long ago, a relatively simplistic detect / prevent strategy was sufficient to protecting against malware and volumetric phishing schemes. And while such strategies remain attractive precisely for their simplicity, they are unfortunately, no longer very effective. Today’s CISOs know that email security requires a more holistic approach to guard against the growing volume and success rates of business email compromise, impersonations, and credential theft attacks. 

In this webinar, security expert Paul Roberts of Security Ledger will discuss: 

  • How borderless environments make border checks irrelevant 
  • The false measurement of “False Positives” 
  • The limits of awareness training and how to make it more effective 
  • The importance of integrated incident response and why “100% prevention” should be a red flag 
Ultimately, we’ll discuss how email protection requires more than a “preventative” mindset and how the above elements contribute to a holistic, full lifecycle approach to email security that is more efficient and effective than perimeter-based approaches.

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"BEC and EAC are constantly evolving as scammers become more sophisticated."

- FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center
2017 Internet Crime Report

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