2023 State of Email Security

Key Trends Report

The GreatHorn Threat Intelligence Team aggregated real-world data, seen in today’s Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace email environments, to provide insights into key findings and trends. Results from this research provide a better understand into the risk vectors impacting end users, and how to prepare your email security strategies to protect your organization in 2023.


Download the report to understand key findings and findings, including how:

  • Spear phishing, using highly targeted and personalized information to a specific recipient, increased 127% in 2022.
  • The use of file sharing links by bad actors is posing an increased risk to organizations.
  • URL-based attacks, using compromised domains, are evading detection.
  • Brand impersonations that result in Business Email Compromise (BEC) remains a top attack type.
  • Executive impersonations dramatically increased in use by attackers to carry out attacks.

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