2020 End User Phishing Report

2020_End_User_ReportWith phishing attacks increasing, how good are employees at identifying these types of attacks? How often do users accurately detect phishing email from an authentic one? And, what impact do these results have on organizations and security teams.

This report details the findings of a comprehensive and interactive survey of 1,123 users who were asked to identify whether emails were authentic or a phishing attack.  

Download this report to learn more about key findings, including: 

  • Employees were able to accurately identify whether an email was a phish or authentic 5 out of 10 examples.
  • Impersonated emails from common and well-known brands, such as Amazon and Gmail, are more likely to be identified accurately as a phishing attack, showing that individuals are learning to have a more critical eye towards emails from trusted brands.
  • Business-related applications and co-working platforms were the most difficult for respondents to correctly identify, with 59% identifying them as a phish when they were authentic emails, showing that organizations require more training to improve productivity.

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