3rd Annual Survey Report

2020 Trends, Challenges, and Benchmarks in Cloud Email Security


This year’s data is a stark reminder that email-based attacks are here to stay.

Threats have become more prevalent than ever before, targeting a distracted and dispersed workforce, while stretching IT professionals thin as they work to remediate one issue after another. Key Insights include:

  • Impersonations have become pervasive: Nearly half of respondents (48.7%) report seeing impersonations of people such as colleagues or vendors.
  • Remediation is now a daily occurrence for many IT professionals: 33.6% of IT professionals are required to remediate email-based attacks every day. This is up from just 12.7% a year ago – a striking 165% YoY increase.

GreatHorn's Email Security Benchmark Survey Report analyzes responses from over 300 IT, information security, and business professionals to understand the current state of cloud email security regarding email environments, threat prevalence, remediation frequency, and importance within the wider security landscape.

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