An Introduction to GreatHorn

With the increased reliance on Office 365 and G Suite platforms our email addresses have also become our identity and access point not just for mail, but for the intellectual property, critical systems, and essential applications that organizations rely upon.

93% of today’s data breaches stem from targeted phishing attacks that compromise these accounts, and the result is a staggering $343,000 lost every hour in the United States alone.

In this webinar, you'll learn more about:

  • How the threat of phishing is changing, and its business impact
  • Why legacy solutions cannot address these threats
  • What a new, more evolved approach to email security looks like

We’ll also introduce GreatHorn’s adaptive email security platform and provide a live demo of:

  • GreatHorn’s unique, automated approach to phishing attacks
  • How quickly GreatHorn can adapt to, respond, and remediate emerging threats
  • Why being cloud-native translates to easier deployment and more comprehensive security

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TUE, DEC 10 | 2pm EST | 11am PST

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Eric Chaves, Sr. Solutions Engineer

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