Targeted phishing attacks are incredibly convincing. So is our free risk assessment.

GreatHorn ESRA Answers Questions Such As:

  • How much of my organization's email is at risk?
  • Is our CEO or CFO being impersonated by threat actors?
  • Are we receiving spoofed emails that exploit our mail authentication configuration?
  • Are our executives and staff being impersonated from private email accounts?
  • Are attackers impersonating our domains, or registering look-alike domains to fool our users?
  • How many domain look-alikes are being sent to us?
  • How many suspicious links and files were detected?
  • How many keyword threats did we receive? (eg: W2, Wire Transfer or custom keywords)
  • What is our authentication risk level? (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)

GreatHorn ERSA Quick Stats

  • 100% of organizations assessed found themselves vulnerable to compromise from social engineering attacks
  • The average enterprise receives 3,680 phishing emails each week
  • Hundreds of thousands of mailboxes under protection
  • Cloud native/agentless deployment via cloud APIs
  • No MX rerouting
  • No impact to end-user email workflow
  • Compatible with existing/legacy email security tools
  • Deploys in < 5 Minutes
  • 2-week risk assessment with detailed summary report upon conclusion

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GreatHorn Analysis

"Without GreatHorn, we would have continued on without any idea of how vulnerable we actually were to email and targeted phishing attacks."

IT Director, Financial Services Company


GreatHorn ERSA Risk Assessment

"GreatHorn's email security risk assessment gave us the hard facts about the phishing, executive impersonation and email risks that were living in our environment and tailored recommendations on how to solve for them"

Director, Security Operations, Fortune 500 IT Services Company

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