90% of Breaches Start With Phishing

Know Your Risk.

How well does your current email security solution protect your Office 365 or G Suite environment against sophisticated phishing attacks? Find out with the GreatHorn Email Security Risk Assessment.

Connect GreatHorn to your email environment in just five minutes, and in just two weeks, you'll receive a comprehensive Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) that can help you understand your exposure to:

  • Business Email Compromise: How often is your CEO being impersonated over email?
  • Credential Theft: Are your users clicking on websites that are tricking them into giving away their usernames and passwords?
  • Domain Look-Alike Attacks: Are attackers impersonating your brand by registering look-alike / "cousin" domains to trick your users?
  • Business Service Compromise: Are your users receiving convincing emails that impersonate trusted services and senders?
  • Wire Transfer Fraud: Is your finance team receiving email asking for fraudulent money transfers?
  • Authentication Risk: Are internal email services, email marketing, or other "shadow IT" tools leaving you open to email attacks?

GreatHorn offers complete security visibility and protection from today's email threats, giving you the ability to automatically identify and stop phishing before it results in a breach.

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"Without GreatHorn, we would have continued on without any idea of how vulnerable we actually were to email and targeted phishing attacks."

IT Director, Financial Services Company


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"GreatHorn's email security risk assessment gave us the hard facts about the phishing, executive impersonation and email risks that were living in our environment and tailored recommendations on how to solve for them"

Director, Security Operations, Fortune 500 IT Services Company

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