Reduce the Risk of Compromised Accounts

GreatHorn Account Takeover Protection

Identify compromised accounts and block account takeover attempts using biometric authentication.

The risk of account takeover has increased exponentially. Yet identifying compromised email accounts can be tricky – often showing up only after there’s been financial and reputation damage.

Compromised accounts provide access to sensitive applications and information. Criminals also use compromised accounts to daisy-chain their way to senior executives with greater access and authority.

Your typing pattern is automatic, always available, and unique to you. Account Takeover Protection uses machine learning techniques to capture an employee’s unique typing pattern on both desktop and mobile devices – analyzing the dynamics of an employee’s keystrokes, such as speed, pressure, and timing between key press and release. We don’t capture the keystrokes themselves.

GreatHorn Account Takeover Protection provides a low-friction way to identify compromised accounts:

  • Configurable actions that are compatible with other solutions
  • Minimally disruptive and difficult to bypass
  • Simple implementation that's mobile friendly

When combined with GreatHorn Email Security, Account Takeover Protection is part of a comprehensive strategy to protect against internal threats, which also includes automatic analysis of internal email and identification of credential theft attacks.

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