Managing COVID-19 Phishing Risks with a Remote Workforce

Earlier this week, GreatHorn announced our Workforce Protection Program to provide full email security tooling and support for information security and technology teams so they can manage the email threats that are exploiting pandemic fears.

Whether you're a new admin of GreatHorn taking advantage of the program, or an existing client trying to better understand how to manage these new threats, we’re here to help.

Managing COVID-19 phishing risks requires three things:

Advanced analysis that identifies these sophisticated threats as they reach users

End-user friendly warnings to educate employees about impersonated messages from staff, and simple reporting capabilities via GreatHorn Reporter to flag and remove phish

Robust search and remediation tools to reduce exposure time and eliminate both automatically identified and user-reported phish at scale

Matt Petrosky, leader of our product and security team, will be hosting this hands-on webinar so you can enable your workforce to use GreatHorn, GreatHorn Reporter, and the incident response capabilities of the platform to stop phishing threats that are bypassing most SEGs and email security products.


Matt Petrosky
Vice President, Customer Experience

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MON, MAR 23 | 4pm ET